The Keys of Asherah

Alexandria Key

Imagine having access to every piece of information of every classification level. For the holder of the Alexandria key, such access is instantaneous and comes with the ability to lock away any data they desire to remain hidden. Knowledge is not only power; it is complete domination.


Cintamani Key

"All things are possible, one only needs to dream", Faith had said as they presented the Cintamani Key to Asherah. The holder is always able to achieve their goal, but only as it is specifically identified in the process of using the key. In other words, be VERY careful what you wish for.


Fornax Key

Just as a furnace can harness the power of flame toward productive use, the Fornax Key allows the holder to focus a whole host of destructive forces. Let's just hope those purposes are altruistic.


Hubur Key

The titans of The Paradigm who know about it fear the holder of the Hubur Key. There is no fate worse than an eternal prison of the mind, and while most drifters are not aware of its existence, they are also not immune from having their awareness locked away as their physical body withers.


Jaspar Key

When wealth is but a well-placed combination of 0s and 1s, the ability to manipulate those numbers means immense power. This is what the Jasper Key grants its holders: full access to the economic resources of the Paradigm. It not only makes cost barriers nonexistent but makes the very concept of value the holder's full dominion.


Lovelace Key

Development is the process of bringing forth latent possibilities of a thing. Creation produces a new thing altogether. Both are possible with the Lovelace Key as long as the holder knows how to use it properly. Power tends to be a double-edged sword for the uninitiated.


Rheos Key

Whether it was Heraclitus who said it or not, “Panta Rhei” is the nucleus of Fact’s addition to The Paradigm, along with the Rheos Key. Flow is a function, after all. However, granting the key holder power to challenge the currents for each user to one specific entry may not have been the best idea.